Junior Uniforms

1. T-Ball Uniform (for 6 to 7 year olds)

The uniform for T-Ball is included in the registration fee to keep costs low for younger players. That fee includes a playing glove, a T shirt and a baseball cap. The player keeps these at the end of the season. Sneakers and pants or shorts, of any colour, are suitable for T-Ball. Players must not play in sandals or thongs for safety reasons, and need to play/train in sneakers or sandshoes or soccer boots.

2. Junior Competition Uniforms (for 8 up to 16 year olds)

Players must play in a club uniform, which are sold at the club on nominated days prior to season commencement. The uniform comprises a club baseball cap (logo); club shirt (logo); white long socks with red side stirrup; and grey pants.

UNIFORM PRICES -   will be advised