Junior Baseball and Tee-ball Registration 2021/22

Registration Steps:

1.  If the date is on or before 20 October then proceed to step 2.  But if the date is after 20 October contact the registrar Daryl on 0412164814 to check if we have any vacancies and if we confirm vacancies then proceed to step 2.

2.  Speak to your friends and ask them if they want to play baseball with you. Direct them to this website if interested.

3.  Claim the $100 Active Kids Voucher from Service NSW if you are eligible.  You will get a number to use in the next steps.  You can use two vouchers per child per year. One in the period 1 Jan to 31 Dec and the second during the period 1 Jul to 31 Dec.

4.  If you have a debit or credit card that you can use for on-line registration then proceed to step 5.  Otherwise contact our registrar to arrange registration and payment in another way. You will need to provide the AKV number, the childs name, birth date and your bank BSB and account numbers.

5.  If you already have a SportsLomo account then proceed to step 6.  If not, create an account in SportsLomo.  You will get a verification email - follow the verification steps.

6 Login to our club on SportsLomo to register and pay:

             TIPS when applying the Active Kids Voucher (AKV):

Register one player and redeem one voucher at a time. 

Avoid cancelling during the payment process after you have input and applied the AKV details. If you need to cancel, the voucher number may become “used” so when you try to register again the voucher will be un-usable and you will not automatically get the $100 discount. It then has to be manually sorted. The rules do not allow Baseball NSW to provide cash refunds for AKV's, typical resolution so far is a $100 discount off next season or some other registration.

Your childs first and last names and birthdate need to match what you advised Service NSW when you got your voucher and the voucher number needs to be the same as that from Service NSW. The birth year may be automatically taken from your earlier League Age selection so should match your child's birth year provided to Service NSW, so do select the correct League Age.  If all the information that you input to SportsLomo does not match Service NSW then your registration fee might not get discounted. 

On the final payment page, to activate the AKV area, click the check box to the right of the AKV input.  Unfortunately the tick boxes can look like they are ticked when they are not.  This misunderstanding is a common cause of problems.
         This is ticked and activated     
         This is not ticked                    

The green activate button also gets darker when ticked. 

Below where it says "REDEEM YOUR ACTIVE KIDS VOUCHER HERE"  there is an input cell with this unclear instruction:


What to do here is input 2 digits for your childs birth day followed by 2 digits for the month. Don't input the year. For example;   for 7 March input "0703"   for 24 October input "2410".

We have no other discounts applicable so do not input anything in the "Discount Code" cell and don't click Apply there.

When done click the green Apply button next to the AKV input. 

Important! Wait for the system to validate the AKV details before clicking Continue.  If all good, the price will discount by $100. 

If there is an error in your voucher data, a red alert saying "Invalid PIN" will pop up and the discount will not get applied.  Do not press Continue. Errors are usually incorrect voucher number, incorrect 4 digit date, or expired or already used voucher number. Correct the errors and click Apply again. If you are struggling to get the AKV to validate STOP and contact our treasurer Martin Haglund on 0404 036 540.

If your voucher details are definitely correct and the discount still did not apply then first contact Baseball NSW on 9675 6872 or raise a customer support ticket with Sportslomo:  support@sportslomo.com

If you still have difficulty registering or if your voucher has become unusable, contact our junior registrar Daryl or our treasurer Martin.  

7.  When registered, you will get an email confirming registration. If you do not receive that email, first check your junk email folders and if you did not get it then contact our junior registrar.


Further details:

Guide to claiming the Active Kids voucher from Service NSW

Guide to using the Active Kids voucher in SportsLomo

 Registration Fees 2021/22.

Guide for registering more than one player in SportsLomo 

Contact Baseball NSW if you have unresolvable problems with the SportsLomo process.